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Coda Team’s Expansion Tear Encompasses Six Burner

Six Burner's Virginia ham sandwich
Six Burner’s Virginia ham sandwich Photo: Lucy Sherman

Six Burner owners Sherry and Russ Berger are pulling up their stakes and headed west (well at least as far as Upton) where they plan to open Red Rock Grill and Bar, reports the Herald. Their move out of the Hub, however, has resulted in more than one closing: Laurel Grill and Bar shuttered last month and, despite appearing on our recent list of notable sandwiches Six Burner will close in a month.

Here’s where it gets exciting: Michael Moxley and Jim Coechner, owners of Coda, Common Ground, and the forthcoming Canary Square will be taking over the Six Burner space for an as-yet-unnamed restaurant. This is a major empire building move for the partners, especially ballsy given the Six Burner space’s proximity to Coda.

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Coda Team’s Expansion Tear Encompasses Six Burner