Please Accept Some Last-Minute Halloween Ideas

Photo: Sammo/Etsy

Halloween isn’t exactly a food holiday, but we’re sure some of you out there are going to try to make it one. With that in mind, please take a look at some ideas we have for you for stuff to do around San Francisco, or stuff to make at home for a party.

Idea #1: Eat Some Brains
Incanto may be closed on Halloween Sunday, but they’ll be open this weekend and serving up things like offal bollito misto, which might actually have brains in it. Heart is hosting a Hallows Eve soirée Sunday night from 7 to 11 p.m. featuring dishes from Kitchenette like ‘Brains in Vats’ which are actually seared sweetbreads with turnips, mushrooms, and parsley nage. To get the password for this speakeasy-ish event, you’ll need to sign up for the newsletter.

Idea #2: Don Some Alice Waters Drag
We alerted you to these food celebrity costume ideas from CHOW, but they’re begging to get mentioned again.

Idea #3: Go to a Fancy Costume Party
Bar Agricole is doing a special Halloween dinner on Sunday which is $40 without costume, $35 with, and the entire staff will be dressed as characters from “The Prisoner,” the British TV series from the 1960s. Episodes will also be projected on the wall. Also, Heirloom Café is doing a 1920s-themed Gatsby party on Sunday (costumes optional), and Tablehopper mentions a bunch of other places are doing parties too.

Idea #4: Sit at Home and Make Zombie Marshmallow Pops

Really, we won’t call you a loser. [via The Decorated Cookiesee also skeleton marshmallows]

Idea #5: Make Some Dry Ice Punch and Call It a Night
This is more for a party, actually, but you could just do it for you and your significant other, or to scare trick-or-treaters. Watch the full how-to video at CHOW.

Please Accept Some Last-Minute Halloween Ideas