Pal Cabron KTown Opens Tomorrow With Tacos, And No, That’s Not Kenny Powers

Hector Ponce's work depicts a family uncle
Hector Ponce’s work depicts a family uncle Photo: Kat O’Dell via Eater

Cemitas y Tlayudas Pal Cabron will open its second location tomorrow in KTown at 4:00 P.M. Co-owner Bricia Lopez tells Grub Street she’s excited to have her popular Puebla-inspired sandwich spot in a central location, since the Huntington Park original is so far for so many. This belle of L.A.’s food-and-drink scene took a minute from her hectic day revamping the 8th Street location of her family’s Guelaguetza to answer a couple of our questions, both the urgent and stupid ones. Specifically, what will be new at this extension of Pal Cabron? Also, having seen the bigger, blown-up version of their mullet-man logo on Eater, we had to know, is that Kenny “La Flama Blanca” Powers? What did Bricia have to say?

“Young Breezy” says the latest items to join the Pal Cabron family of cemitas and clayudas are tacos. Lopez and her brother Fernando have the same kitchen staff in place as the Huntington Park locale, and the team is adding spit-roasted pastor, tasajo, cecina, and homemade chorizo to this menu. Bricia is also excited for the restaurant to stay open until 3:00 A.M. every Friday and Saturday, prime taco-time and a much needed roost for Angelenos not yet ready to go home.

Pastor and chorizo are most welcome additions, but as for that other porker, Kenny Powers, no, that’s not him, though Bricia says she’s been hearing more and more questions about “that guy” from curious guests. She corrects us that it’s an image of her uncle by artist Hector Ponce, the painter responsible for much of the restaurant’s artwork, as well as multiple murals throughout L.A., like the one of Jamie Escalante adjacent to MacArthur Park, and ones depicting The Beatles, Richie Valens, Selena, and various Virgenes around town.

Bricia says an old photo of her uncle, “who used to dress like that,” inspired the piece and made the design-cut, as she and Fernando drove to L.A. from Santa Cruz, discussing ideas for the restaurant. And yes, we had to ask. Follow Pal Cabron on Facebook.

Cemitas y Clayudas Pal Cabron opens tomorrow at 3337 1/2 W. 8th St. Koreatown. 213-427-0601.

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Pal Cabron KTown Opens Tomorrow With Tacos, And No, That’s Not Kenny Powers