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New Yorkers Don’t Give a Sh-t If Their Fish Has Been Lying on the Sidewalk

On Friday, Gothamist, obviously trying to spark another “service elevator meat-gate,” sounded the alarm bells about a fish delivery to Agata & Valentina; a tipster photographed a deliveryman leaving two swordfish carcasses lying on the sidewalk for “a good ten minutes.” Now an employee at the fish purveyor, Bob Gosman, tells Gothamist about “the hour rule”: As long as the fish has been properly iced down, it takes an hour for bacteria to grow, so ten minutes out in the sun is no biggie. Okay, but what about the fact that it’s just lying there on the poopy sidewalk? Gothamist’s readers didn’t seem too irked, judging by these comments.

the hydrant is clearly downhill from the fish. these men took all the responsible precautions. also the ocean of 45% urine.

I wouldn’t buy any of those handbags - someone may have put them down on the sidewalk!

nice, at least 600$ of free tuna. WHY DIDNT YOU PICK IT UP??!?!?!!? Stupid.

As long as they label it “organic” I don’t see the problem.

Also, those fish were at the bottom of a filthy boat once …and in the filthy water too. Gross

God, enjoy your blissful ignorance of how food gets to you. those tuna carcasses have probably been skidded across half a dozen floors on the way to your plate. Get over it. They skin it and you cook it. Thats why we cook. Fuck.

Clean it, properly prepare it, you’ll be fine. Do you mother f’ers realize what those fish have been through before they took a nap on a NYC sidewalk? That sidewalk was clean compared to where they came from.

I’m sure the stupid tipster knows nothing about food handling/prep.

The same tipster probably eats fruit salad from the supermarket, cut up in the back by an underpaid worker with a urinary infection and no soap in the bathroom.

At least you cook fish.

I don’t get it. this get’s scrutinized but the hipster butchers and their carcasses get’s a pass.

Our favorite comment, though, was the one pointing out that Gothamist’s tipster was eating at a Subway when the fish delivery grossed her out. “She’s disgusted by this yet she just ate at Subway? Maybe she should look into their raw ingredients.” Heh.

Bob Gosman Company Abides By “The Hour Rule” [Gothamist]

New Yorkers Don’t Give a Sh-t If Their Fish Has Been Lying on the Sidewalk