Moore’s Delicatessen Handcrafts A Modern Deli in Burbank

Photo: Moore’s Delicatessen

Following two weeks in soft-open mode, Moore’s Delicatessen grand-opened yesterday in Burbank. Like the coming reinvention of Ratner’s on Third Street, owner Robert Moore tells us this project is more of a new-style delicatessen, though it was apparently inspired by the long-gone Moore’s in San Francisco. Moore followed Laurent Quenioux as the executive chef at Dodger Stadium, while his wife, Christine, is the founder of Little Flower Candy Co. The small space is all about the details, with Moore telling Grub Street that the kitchen is grinding its own beef, roasting its own turkey and albacore, making its own soup, and sourcing hot dogs from New Jersey’s acclaimed Thumann’s. In addition to dips, subs, pastrami, brisket, pulled pork, and a liverwurst and onion sandwich that Jay Weston calls “wonderful,” Moore tells us there’s plenty of dishes made for vegetarians and vegans. He’s especially proud of a collection of six on-tap brews, “only the boutique stuff, definitely not Budweiser” he says, including Allagash, Avery, Racer 5, and Green Flash, as well as six carefully curated reds and six whites. See Moore’s full breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus below and find it on Twitter while its website is constructed.

Moore’s Delicatessen, 271 East Orange Grove Ave. Burbank. 818-478-1251.


Buttermilk or Whole Wheat Pancakes
short (3) $6.50
full (5) $8.50
add berries & banana (2.50)

Belgian Waffle
add berries & banana (2.50) $8.50

Ham & Cheddar Burrito $6.50
Corned Beef Hash Burrito $6.50
Spinach & Swiss Burrito $6.50

brown sugar & cream $5.50

Housemade Granola $5.50

berries & granola $5.50

Bagel w/ Salmon
cream cheese, red onion, tomato, capers $8.50

Egg Sandwich
2 fried eggs, cheddar, choice of ham or bacon on onion bread $7.50

Poached Eggs
on tapenade toast with a green salad $7.50

Ground Beef Scramble
spinach, onion, cheddar $9.50

Tofu Scramble
mushrooms, spinach, red peppers, onions $8.50

Smoked Salmon Scramble
leeks, tomatoes, sour cream, chives, eggs $12.50

Morning Sides

Sliced Tomatoes $2.00
Thick Sliced Ham $4.50
Sausage Patties (2) $4.50
Applewood Bacon (3 strips) $4.50
Toast $2.50
Bagel w/ Cream Cheese $3.50
Cottage Cheese $3.50

Dinner Plates

Deli Burger
cheddar, onion jam, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles $9.50

Rib Eye Steak & Salad
herb & butter lettuce salad w/ lemon thyme vinaigrette $16.00

Chicken Pot Pie
creamy tender chicken, veggies with a flaky crust $14.00

Mac & Cheese
creamy elbow macaroni & garlicky crumbs $12.00

Meatloaf & Salad
with mushroom gravy $14.00

Thumann’s All Beef Hot Dog
optional brisket chili and cheddar cheese (2.00) $6.50

Market Fish & Salad
herb & butter lettuce salad w/ lemon thyme vinaigrette $16.00

Hanger Steak Salad
medium rare hanger steak, romaine, red onions,
tomatoes, blue cheese dressing $10.50

on tagliatelle $14.00

Peel & Eat Shrimp
basket of shrimps, horseradish, cocktail sauce, crusty bread $2.00 each

Salami Plate
variety of fennel salami, hot salami, sopressata, nostrano, romesco, crusty bread $12.50


Green Salad $5.50
Creamed Spinach $4.50
Garlic Mushroooms $4.50
Curried Caliower $4.50
Coleslaw $3.50
Yellow Lentil Dal $4.50
Potato Salad $3.50
Grilled Asparagus $5.50
Brown Rice $3.50
Baked Potato (after 4pm)
with butter and sour cream $5.50


Chicken Noodle
cup 3.50 bowl 5.50
Daily Soup
cup 3.50 bowl 5.50Chicken Noodle
cup 3.50 bowl 5.50
Daily Soup
cup 3.50 bowl 5.50


Brisket Chili
cup 5.50 bowl 7.50

Cold Sandwiches

oven roasted turkey, swiss, aioli, tomatoes, greens on wheat $8.50

house roasted albacore salad, red onions, lettuce, tomatoes,
mayo on wheat $9.50

Rare Roast Beef
oven roasted sirloin of beef, aioli, arugula, tomatoes
on ciabatta $8.50

Curried Chicken
curried chicken, grapes, almonds, apricot chutney
on ciabatta $8.50

fennel salami, parmesan, romesco sauce, romaine lettuce
on ciabatta $8.50

tempeh, onion sprouts, avocado, tomatoes, aioli, pickles,
tapenade on wheat $8.50

Shrimp Roll
shrimp salad, butter lettuce on a roll $12.50

prosciutto, aged provolone, tomatoes, basil on a roll $8.50

Ham & Swiss
ham, swiss, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, brown mustard on wheat $8.50

Egg Salad
egg salad, onion sprouts, mayo on wheat $8.50

Liverwurst & Onion
liverwurst, onions, mayo on wheat $8.50

Hot Sandwiches

Pastrami on Rye
pastrami, swiss, brown mustard on rye $8.50

Corned Beef on Rye
corned beef, swiss, brown mustard on rye $8.50

meatloaf, catsup, mayo, romaine on white $9.50

brisket of beef, bbq sauce, arugula,
fried onions on ciabatta $8.50

Pulled Pork
slow roasted pork shoulder, cole slaw, bbq sauce on a roll $8.50

Pulled Chicken
slow roasted chicken, cole slaw, bbq sauce on a roll $8.50

Brie & Mushroom
garlic mushrooms, toasted brie, served open faced $8.50

Thumann’s All Beef Hot Dog
optional brisket chili and cheddar cheese (2.00) $6.50

Deli Burger
cheddar, onion jam, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles $8.50


Brown Rice
brown rice, baked tofu, carrots, mushrooms, black eyed peas,
haricots verts, red peppers, ginger carrot dressing $8.50

Market Fresh Fish
brown rice, shredded carrots, cucumber relish,
micro greens, ponzu ginger dressing $12.50

Yellow Lentil Dal
brown rice, curried cauliower, garlic spinach, chutney,
tofu, raita, yellow lentil dal $8.50

on rye with cole slaw, russian dressing, and swiss cheese
Corned Beef
Roast Beef

SUBS 8.50
on a roll w/ olive oil & vinegar, shredded lettuce, red onions,
tomatoes, salt, pepper and oregano

Italian ham, salami, mortadella, w/ provolone
Roast Beef w/ provolone
Turkey w/ swiss
Ham w/ swiss
Salami w/ provolone
All Veggie leeks, carrots, red peppers

DIPS 8.50
on a roll w/ au jus and pickles


butter lettuce, haricots verts, feta, cucumbers, hard boiled egg
in a lemon thyme vinaigrette $9.50

Beet & Goat Cheese
mixed greens, golden beets, toasted almonds, baked goat cheese
in a sherry vinaigrette $9.50

Hanger Steak
romaine lettuce, tomatoes, red onions,
medium rare hanger steak, blue cheese dressing $10.50

Curried Chicken
mixed greens, grapes, almonds, apricot chutney, curried chicken
in a red wine vinaigrette $9.50

mixed greens, red onions, carrots, tomatoes,
house roasted albacore salad in a red wine vinaigrette $10.50

fresh herb greens w/ shrimp salad, lemon cont
in a lemon thyme vinaigrette $12.50

romaine, fennel salami, hot salami, ham, mortadella, provolone,
red onions, tomatoes, red pepper relish in an anchovy vinaigrette $10.50

mixed greens, carrots, leeks, tomatoes, haricots verts, beets,
walnuts in a red wine vinaigrette $9.50

Mixed Green
butter lettuce & herb salad w/ lemon thyme vinaigrette $5.50

Moore’s Delicatessen Handcrafts A Modern Deli in Burbank