Mission Chinese Food Is ‘Hot, Hot, Hot’; Vending Machines and Fruit Don’t Mix

• Bargain Bites visits Mission Chinese Food, seems to like it, even if it’s super spicy. [Chron]

• The new Pinkberry in Santa Clara just opened. [Food Gal]

• S.F. is ranked the number-two city in the nation for trick-or-treating, and Noe Valley is ranked the number-one neighborhood for same. [Noe Valley SF]

• Speaking of Halloween, Mel’s Drive-In on Geary used to be surrounded by four cemeteries, before they dug everyone up and moved them to Colma. [Curbed via SF Citizen]

• Everyone agrees selling fruits and vegetables through vending machines is a good idea. The problem: vending machines bruise them. [WSJ]

• Tomorrow, workers at Minneapolis Jimmy John’s locations will vote on whether to unionize, a rare thing for fast-food workers. [NYT]

• The Australian version of Iron Chef debuted on Tuesday! They have the same guy who plays the Chairman here in America! Alas, it did not do very well in the ratings. [Sky News]

• It’s still four months away, but apparently people who buy tickets to next year’s South Beach Wine and Food Festival on Monday will get a 10% discount on Grand Tasting tix. [Sun-Sentinel]

• College administrators are cracking down on “drunkorexia,” a term and concept that still sort of seem to elude them. [Denver Post]

Mission Chinese Food Is ‘Hot, Hot, Hot’; Vending Machines and Fruit