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LudoBites 6.0: Ludo Does The Valley

Photo: Lionel Deluy

LudoBites 6.0 is landing on Sherman Oaks this month in the former home of Andre Guerrero’s Marche. AAAAAAA!! Of all the big-scooping non-locals, we learn this today from Sam Sifton on New York Times’ Diner’s Journal, who “totally” jeers at our native tendency to gag on spoons from time to time. During two brief stints, October 20th to November 11th (weekdays only), and again from November 30th to December 5th, L.A. foodies’ favorite Frenchie, Ludo Lefebvre, will unveil dishes like foie-gras panna cotta, escargot with papaya and green mango relish, seared wagyu with Japanese whiskey, and kim chi cheesecake. And yes, there will be booze! While our palate remains deliciously haunted by LudoBites 4.0’s soft-shell crab cones, find out how you can attempt to get reservations below, using a new system that OpenTable apparently had to test out in a lab before being LudoBites-ready again.

Reservations will become ready next Tuesday at 5:00 P.M. on OpenTable. Do not expect them to be available for very long. The new Ludo pop-up will have room for two seatings of 60 diners a night, with an additional ten to twelve spaces for walk-in. Good luck! We hope everyone gets the chance, but really, you have better chances of winning the Mark Bittman book, so do save some energy.

Sifton, dropping in on another West Coast scoop via Krissy Lefebvre, also says Andre Guerrero has plans for a reopening of his shuttered Max once LudoBites vacates the space. Guerrero does confirm he’s trying to open a second location of The Oinkster.

LudoBites Goes to the Valley [N.Y. Times/Diner’s Journal]

LudoBites 6.0: Ludo Does The Valley