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Los Angeles Mag’s November Issue Is Truly Mexi-llent

Photo: Hadley Tomicki

After being quite critical of its “New Restaurants” issue and citing Patrick Kuh for calling food trucks “roach coaches,” we must take our sombreros off to Los Angeles magazine, which put out one helluva new issue for November, called “The Ultimate Guide to Mexican Food.” Indeed, en serio, you’ve finally got a magazine to wear out more than that copy of Vogue featuring a sexy shot of Gjelina’s Travis Lett. And speaking of meat, what exactly gets stuffed inside of this issue, much like editor Lesley Bargar Suter and Street Gourmet L.A. writer Bill Esparza get stuffed on 23 gut-busting tacos?

Among enough ads to fill a pinata, Patrick Kuh picks ten of his favorite Mexican restaurants, veering South from his usual fine-dining restaurant reviews to name-check Chente, La Casita Mexicana, and Teresita’s, among other well-trodden city favorites, though he adds Pacoima’s Birrieria Apatzingan, an Esparza find, for some new spice to the mix.

For those who can’t tell a taco from a torta from a tamale, there’s a breakdown of salsas, desserts, and standard dishes, with recommendations on where to find the best examples that the pro-am eater will also love. Plus, there’s a quick breakdown of who gets some of the best tequila flowing through our veins, from Las Perlas over to La Sandia.

And what Mexican Food-in-L.A. story would be complete without honoring John Rivera Sedlar, The Lopez family of Guelaguetza, and mole-matron Rocio Camacho? All three get giant stars pinned to their profiles in an awesome edition sure to bring the masses up to speed on the cutting edge of L.A.’s Mexican food scene and a crucial collection for anyone who considers themselves at all in-touch with real Southern California cuisine.

The Ultimate Guide to Mexican Food [Los Angeles]

Los Angeles Mag’s November Issue Is Truly Mexi-llent