L.A.’s First Which Wich? Location Opens Today on Sawtelle

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

National sandwich chain Which ‘Wich? opens its first L.A. store today on Sawtelle and even graciously points their website announcement at Grub Street L.A. Awwww, thanks guys! They seem to like the fact that we dissed Quiznos, which is really the least we can do for the world’s sandwich slingers. This new link in the chain is rolling out new menu items at the West L.A. location, some of which you may not have necessarily been asking for, but certainly new and unique. What will be on the menu here?

In addition to its 50 signature creations, like the Elvis and Bac-hammon, freshly baked cookies, shakes, and build-your-own sandwich options, the chain is adding a new menu that features bigger sandwiches than its predecessors and the strange feature of making any sandwich recipe available in a bowl.

Yes, that sort of defeats the very idea of a sandwich itself, but apparently some people don’t like to get their hands soiled by bread. The low-carb crowd will probably go crazy for these lettuce bed-lined bowls, with toppings scattered on top, while anyone pining for their youth will like the chain’s ordering system that has guests marking what they’d like on a brown paper bag, where the sandwich eventually gets placed. No word on whether they’ll just stick it in your A-Team lunch box, but you can expect more locations to hit L.A. in the coming years.

Which ‘Wich? opens today for lunch at 2212 Sawtelle Blvd. West L.A..

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L.A.’s First Which Wich? Location Opens Today on Sawtelle