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Kyle Schutte Brings Buffalo Carpaccio and Crudo to Jamaica Bay Inn, Open Next Month in Marina Del Rey

Photo: Kyle Schutte

Kyle Schutte, a Southern chef who refers to his early years using multiple variations of “bitch” in his bio (as in “prep bitch,” “pantry bitch,” “brunch bitch,” etc.), has worked under Richard Blais and Tom Harvey, and most recently headed up the kitchen at North Carolina’s XO Lounge and Tapas Bar. Now, the chef is headed westward, coming to open the restaurant Vu in Marina del Rey’s. Vu will be the signature restaurant of forthcoming Jamaica Bay Inn, taking over the neighborhood’s Best Western with a brand-new colonial-style West Indies feel that’s been in the works for the last year. But despite the name and look, don’t necessarily expect salt-cod patties, kushumpeng tea, or scotch bonnet-spiced jerk chicken here. So, what will Schutte serve instead?

The under-construction 150-seat, indoor-outdoor restaurant will match its beach views with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, focusing on Cali-grown produce, ranch-sourced meats, and local seafood. Breakfast will include the usual fresh fruit and farm-driven omelets, while lunch will feature salads, soups, and sandwiches.

Dinner gets a little more inspired, with selections of such currently en vogue eats as a list of crudo, cured meats, and artisan cheese. Schutte’s dishes will include such creations as lamb “lollipops” poached in sweet tea with roasted grape relish, a reconstructed caprese, and free-range bison carpaccio sourced from Montana, along with a Pacific Coast wine list and handcrafted cocktails. Should be head-and-shoulders above whatever was served at the Best Western it’s replacing and a boost to Marina Del Rey’s sustainable dining scene.

Vu will open in November and start taking reservations on December 1st at, 4175 Admiralty Way. Marina del Rey. 310-823-5333.

Kyle Schutte Brings Buffalo Carpaccio and Crudo to Jamaica Bay Inn, Open Next