Ikea’s Beautiful Baking Cookbook Is Now a Hilarious iPhone App

Photo: Courtesy of Ikea

Oh, those crazy Scandinavians. Just when we thought we couldn’t love Ikea more than we already do thanks to their insanely beautiful baking guide Hembakat är Bäst, they go and release the Sweden-only coffee-table book as an everyone-everywhere iPhone app called Kondis (“stamina”). The app delivers all the staggeringly cool ingredient photography of the original cookbook — plus the recipes — with the brilliant addition of an exercise component. Just pick which dessert you’re going to make, then select whether you prefer walking, jogging, or biking; then you have to work off the calories in a serving of your Kanelbulle or Prinsesstårta, while a helpful voice informs you exactly how many miles you have to go until you’ve earned that slice of cake.

As app trailers go, the one for Kondis is up there with the best: It features a jovial grandma-type nattering in Swedish (with helpful English subtitles) as she bakes a cinnamon roll, laces up her running shoes, and goes for a semi-surreal calorie burn through the Scandinavian countryside.

IKEA Kondis [Official site]

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Ikea’s Beautiful Baking Cookbook Is Now a Hilarious iPhone App