Keep Your Edge While You Still Can

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In a new interview, local roving knife sharpener Patti Small recalls what inspired her to hone steel for a living: “I was carving pumpkins, and I realized that I liked doing tedious, repetitive stuff. And to carve my pumpkins, I needed sharp knives, and I didn’t know where to go.” Thanks to her free-wheeling ways, metro Boston will never have to voice the same complaint. At least not while the weather’s warm.

But now not only does the end of farmers’ market season mean finding new ways to keep it local: It might also mean it’s time to tend to your knives. Small will soon stop making her regular appearances at open-air markets, thanks to the impending cold weather. For same-day sharpening satisfaction, find her by November 6th, the last date of her farmers’ market calendar.

But all hope is not lost for the dull-bladed among us: Small tells us that plans are in the works for area drop-off spots (such as Formaggio Kitchen locations and Concord Provisions) to accommodate year-round sharpening needs. She’ll also accept neglected knives through the mail, which she’ll send back in razor-sharp condition.

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Keep Your Edge While You Still Can