We’re Still Full From the Grub Street Food Festival
Cheddar-Truffle Pretzels.

Well, it happened. Saturday marked Grub Street’s virgin venture into the world of street fairs. There were no sausages, no peppers, just 45 of our favorite food vendors vying for your taste buds. The wind was no joke — we watched it practically blow Purple Yam’s stew out of a pot (by the way, we want that “Got Balut?” T-shirt), but hearty eats like Gloria’s fresh rolled (pumpkin!) doubles and Melt Bakery’s fried-on-the-spot mini-pumpkin-pies did plenty to keep folks warm. Few could resist Purple Yam’s charred ribs (so good!), and they were among the first to sell out. Suchin Pak of the Hester Street Fair estimated over 13,000 people, and it was great to see the likes of Patacon Pisao hit so hard that they had to make mid-day supply runs. We’d like to thank all the caffeine cravers who patiently waited for Kickstand’s pour-over to drip, drip, drip into their Anthora cups, everyone who stood in line as long as 40 minutes for Mexicue’s rightfully popular tacos (Pako Taco also had a line out the gate; they told us they’re thinking about starting a truck of their own), and everyone who gracefully snaked through the crowds (including Bethenny Frankel and her crew!) with a tower of Bao Bing’s shaved ice in hand. Stay tuned, because we’ll also be adding more of your blog coverage as it comes in.

Update: We’re told Macaron Parlour went through 800 macarons and three gallons of hot chocolate; Pako Taco sold 600 Korean tacos; and Wafels & Dinges had to restock by noon: “We saw very few maple syrup takers which means we were dealing with waffle-connoisseurs: Syrup is a non-non in Belgium.” Check out the updated slideshow!

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We’re Still Full From the Grub Street Food Festival