Greens Up! Throws Down on Montana

Photo: Dan Cox

Greens Up! has a new location that replaces its previous, now-closed home on Sawtelle, this new one opening on Santa Monica’s chic Montana Ave. Eater introduces us to owner Robert Yamarone, who apparently designed that Trustfarian-made-of-veggies which graces the restaurant’s logo. It’s all salads here all the time, with both chef-created signatures and “your way, right away”-style options, along with dressing made in-house like sweet apple vinaigrette and creamy garlic, plus tons of toppings from bacon, goat cheese, tofu, and tuna under the protein section and four types of locally-grown leaf. What else is new?

Yamarone extends the hands-on philosophy to a juice bar, catering to customers’ whims by muddling fresh ingredients like berries and herbs into options of organic iced tea and hand-squeezed lemonade. Yamarone also plays deejay, selecting a daily display of unsigned musicians, with the featured artists name written, like a food special, on the restaurant’s blackboard. Could this be a new scouting locale for the record industry? Wait, is there still a record industry? See Greens Up!’s full menu online and remember these salads, priced around ten dollars each, are huge.

Greens Up! 703 Montana Ave. Santa Monica 310-394-1111.

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Greens Up! Throws Down on Montana