Globe Dismissive of Grilled Cheese For Some Reason

Photo: Cheeseboy

In a Globe article that announces the arrival of South Station’s newest fast food establishment, Cheeseboy: Grilled Cheese to Go, a business reporter casts a dark shadow on the restaurant’s debut: Grilled cheese consumption is down in restaurants. And not just a little bit. “Grilled cheese consumption in restaurants is down 11 percent for the year ending in June, according to NPD Group, a market research firm in Rosemont, Ill.” But that’s not all.

The article is critical of the concept in other ways: “These concepts get too successful, then others add the items to their menus,” said Ron Paul, president and chief executive of Technomic, noting grilled cheese is a menu selection, not an entire concept.” Ouch.

But grilled cheese tastes good, regardless of what restaurant consultants say.

Comfort Food at South Station: grilled cheese [Globe]

Globe Dismissive of Grilled Cheese For Some Reason