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Feast on Some Banh Mi-tyballs Right Now

Brian Eng makes his Banh Mi-tyballs.
Brian Eng makes his Banh Mi-tyballs. Photo: courtesy

Phillip Foss is well known for his marketing skills, but this one is kind of incredible. Starting now until about 1 p.m., his Meatyballs Mobile will be at Monroe and Wells dishing out the regular menu, which happens to include a testicle sandwich called “Not Yo’ Daddy’s Balls.” We couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried. Anyway, also on board will be Brian Eng, who is the first of his “guest balls” to help engineer a sandwich for the food truck. Eng’s creation is called “Banh Mi-tyballs” which is absolutely stunning in the way it manages to stuff three food trends into one portable package. I mean, we’ve got Asian-style sandwiches, meatballs, and food trucks. Think you have what it takes to have your own sandwich on the Meatyballs truck? Read below for the full details.

In this new initiative, a member of the community has a chance to work with us, create a menu item, and ride along on the Meatyballs Mobile. Those interested, must email us at with their proposed sandwich preparation and title (vulgarities free/promiscuous insinuations recommended). The selection of the month will come into our kitchen and work one on one to refine the recipe, and are invited to ride along on The Meatyballs Mobile to hawk the creation.

Get Your Banh Mi-Tyballs on Friday [Chicago Reader]

Feast on Some Banh Mi-tyballs Right Now