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Fish Ribs, Tofu Ceviche, and Menudo Coming to Bubba Diego’s and Crossroads BBQ, Co-Joined on Sepulveda

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Your family wants barbecue, but you, naturally, want to eat Mexican. Two new inter-connected restaurants coming to Sepulveda, co-owned by Mario Ernst, the heir to Dinah’s family restaurant, will attempt to solve your dilemma. Separated only by a curtain, but with their own kitchens, bars, and hosts, Crossroads BBQ and Bubba Diego’s are currently under co-joined construction on Sepulveda. What’s going to be served at both restaurants?

Crossroads BBQ will be a smokehouse with traditional items like brisket, burgers, turkey, steaks, and ribs cooked-to-order with everything made in-house. One unique item an associate promises us will make its way here is fish ribs, which will be served on a huge plate, typically from halibut, and sometimes from tuna. There will be booze and a few high-end items, but the place will strive to make everybody happy, whether it’s families or foodies.

Bubba Diego’s, despite the chain-y name, will make traditional, authentic Mexican food, also from scratch. A rep assures, “we’re not just heating things up and serving it to you and it’s definitely not Tex-Mex.” This second project from Ernst with partner Michael Dodo, will make sopes, a rainbow of enchilada types, traditional bonitos, and daily soups like sopa Azteca, plus pozole and menudo on weekends.

In addition, there will be a ceviche station where chefs prepare the fish in front of you, including shrimp, lobster, crab, scallop, halibut, and even a tofu ceviche that bucks the trend towards authenticity but will likely have its fans. The ceviche has been well-researched, looking to the recipes of Mexico down to South American counties and including some interesting preparations that could include different fruits and spices. One planned higher-end dish is a lobster ceviche served in the lobster’s shell.

The two dueling restaurants could be the ultimate solution when you have friends out of town who won’t support your habit for stuffing your face perpetually with Mexican eats. You can eat the food of either restaurant in either location if the decision is split. Expect an opening in 2011.

Bubba Diego’s and Crossroads BBQ, 2927-2929 S. Sepulveda Blvd. Los Angeles.

Fish Ribs, Tofu Ceviche, and Menudo Coming to Bubba Diego’s and Crossroads BBQ,