First Look at the Windsor, Serving Truffle Grilled Cheese in the Old Charles Space

Yesterday Cobi Levy admitted to the Times that he and his staff were “terrible to people” at the Charles. You can expect a more welcoming environment at the Windsor, the sports bar that replaced the Waverly wannabe last night. Actually, you can call the Windsor (not to be confused with Double Windsor) a hangout for those who’ve outgrown Dorrian’s, are too young for the 21 Club, and too “downtown” for P.J. Clarke’s, but whatever you do, don’t call it a sports bar. Don’t be fooled by the flat-screen TVs that may or may not be blaring a basketball game; there’s talk of the screens being covered with artwork when it’s not prime game time. The space has been entirely outfitted by Ralph Lauren, from the pinstripe-suit material lining the walls, to the burgundy leather booths, to the detailing in the ceiling (constructed by the same expert who designed the store’s uptown mansion).

The only thing that remains from the Charles is its former chef, Kristine Mana-ay, who’s constructed a menu of upscale comfort food, including a skirt-steak sandwich with watercress and onion marmalade, Guinness-battered cod fish, and a girlfriend-friendly organic turkey burger. Her fondness for truffle oil hasn’t been left behind (it’s both in an aïoli on the burger and slipped into a brioche grilled cheese) and in the near future, she’ll be making fluffy ricotta pancakes for brunch. Check out the menu as well as the drinks list below.

Windsor Main Menu [PDF]
Windsor Drink Menu [PDF]

The Windsor, 234 W. 4th St., nr. W. 10th St.; 212-206-1208

First Look at the Windsor, Serving Truffle Grilled Cheese in the Old Charles