First Look at SNAP: The Meatpacking Gets the Sports Bar It Deserves

Photo: Courtesy of SNAP

Believe it or not, The Windsor isn’t the only purposefully preppy destination opening in time for the World Series. Next week, Danny A. (the man behind Cafe Bari’s short-lived hot spot Upstairs), Matthew Isaacs (owner of CV), and Justin McManus (of Peter McManus Café), will open SNAP in the space that briefly housed Country Club. Once again, the room is putting on Waspy airs — Steve Lewis (who designed Country Club as well) has imbued it with what are described as “Ivy League colors.” But unlike the Windsor, SNAP (Sports Nightlife and Pasttime) fully embraces its sports-bar identity via sports-themed wallpaper, athlete photos, trophies, sixteen high-def flat-screen TVs (ranging from 42” to 70”), and a twenty-foot LED ticker (for sports scores, etc.) built into the bar. Plus, booths made from football leather?

Despite the high design and the DJ booth, Snap seems to be going less for the club crowd of its predecessors (and its soon-to-be neighbor the Darby) and more for the bar crowd of its other neighbor Woody McHale’s; it’ll be open daily, from 11 a.m. till 4 p.m., and the following English-influenced pub grub will be served. Have at it, punters!

Snap food and drink menu [pdf]

SNAP, 248 W. 14th St., Eighth Ave.; 646-350-0539

First Look at SNAP: The Meatpacking Gets the Sports Bar It Deserves