What to Eat at Eolo, Bringing Creative Sicilian to Chelsea on Wednesday

This Wednesday, chef Melissa Muller-Daka and her husband Tarek Daka will open Eolo in Chelsea’s former Eros Café space. Muller-Daka is a graduate of both the French Culinary Institute and Columbia University. Her studies in food anthropology are evident not only in the restaurant’s name (the Greek god Aeolus sped Odysseus along with a wine bag filled with wind), but also in a “contemporary Sicilian” menu reflecting the area’s Greek, Roman, Arab, Byzantine, Norman, and Jewish influences; clearly, Muller-Daka is going out of her way to make this anything but a red-sauce joint. In addition to the now de rigueur rooftop herb garden (available for private parties) and local meat sourcing, she’ll eventually bring in her own produce from a New Jersey farm. The interior wasn’t ready when we stopped by earlier, but we’re told it was put together by a longtime Saturday Night Live set designer, for what it’s worth. While we wait for the room to come together, have a look at the menu (which will change according to the season, and also reflect the area’s cultural holidays) and a few of the dishes.

~Per la Tavola~

Olivi Siculi Bowl of Sicilian marinated olives, celery, carrot
Olivi in Padella Bowl of warm black Sicilian olives, pepperoncino, garlic confit 4

Sfincione cu cipodda Soft bread, caramelized onion, breadcrumbs, ragusano cheese 5

Sfincione cu Accugiuhe Soft bread, tomato paste, oregano, Sciacca anchovies, black olives 6

~Grappe Appititu - Freddi~

Lingua Cured beef tongue carpaccio, pickled winter melon, croutons, mustard seed caviar 12
Granatu e Cacio Lettuce greens, candied hazelnuts, pomegranate, fried caciocavallo cheese 10

Barbabietole e Pera Roasted red and yellow beets, pickled bosc pear, chestnut cream, mache, chive 9
Confit d’anatra Duck confit, frissee, bibb lettuce, dried cherry reduction, horseradish emulsion 11

Antipasto di Verdura
Choice of 2 6 Choice of 4 11

~Grappe Appititu - Caldi~

Zucca Winter squash & butternut puree, manna, hen of the woods tempura 8

Caprettu Braised goat, sautéed parsnip and celery root, tomato -coriander- cinnamon sauce 10
Maccu cu Granchio Dried fava puree with ricotta, stone crab, wild fennel 13

Beccafico Sardines with breadcrumbs, currant, pecorino, pine nuts cream, mandarin puree 9

Polpette Spiced lamb & beef meatballs, cauliflower, onions, sesame seed cream 10

Pulipetti e Panelle Charred octopus, stewed tomato, chick peas, chick pea fritters, diced potatoes 13

~Primi ~
With the exception of the Tummala, all pastas are fresh and made in-house
Norma Sun-dried tomato tortelli, tomatoes, eggplant , stewed caramelized shallots, ricotta salata 9/18

Tummala del Gattopardo Puff Pastry drum stuffed with penne rigate, meatballs, besciamel,
ragusano, sauce espagnole 16

Gnudi Baked pumpkin gnudi, pumpkin seeds, sage, brown butter, preserved artichokes, black truffle 7/14

Lenticche Burnt wheat tagliatelle, broccoli florets, confit dice carrots, red lentils, cardamom foam 7/14

Cavatieddi cul salmone Cavatelli, king salmon, thyme, confit tomato, cippollini onions,
mustard caper emulsion 8/16

Spaghetti cu Coniglio Bitter Cocoa spaghetti, pancetta, inzolia braised rabbit ragu, thyme 9/18


Pisci Spada cu Cus-Cusu Roasted Atlantic swordfish, apricot puree, almond, confit garlic
& pepper cous -cous, black olive oil 24

Tonnu e Ricci Spice rubbed Atlantic Yellowfin tuna, candied carrots, salsify, fennel puree,
sea urchin emulsion 25

Ippoglosso Alaskan Halibut Cheeks, melted leeks, fingerling potatoes, star anise mussel broth 23

~Pollame e Carni~

Gallettu Seared chicken breast & confit thigh, rosemary chicken jus, garlic whipped potatoes,
charred brussel sprouts 19

Anatra Seared Duck Breast, broccoli greens, pear and saffron risotto, grilled blood orange,
moscato reduction 26

Piccione Crispy stuffed squab, rice, apple beurre blanc, xxxx 22

Porcu Filet of Suckling Pig, pistachio confit, braised red cabbage, baby turnips 23

Collu di Castratu Braised lamb neck, creamy polenta, dried mission figs, oyster mushrooms 22
Confit di Filletto Confit beef filet, sweet & russet potato gallette, escarole, garlic pure e 25

Tasting Menu Format - to change weekly

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Eolo, 190 Seventh Ave., nr. 21st St.

What to Eat at Eolo, Bringing Creative Sicilian to Chelsea on Wednesday