Dream Team Cooking Events: Not Cheap!

Want to try Andrew Carmellini's interpreation of Indian food? It's gonna cost ya.
Want to try Andrew Carmellini’s interpreation of Indian food? It’s gonna cost ya. Photo: Courtesy of Andrew Carmellini

As Tabla readies to close at the end of the year, it’s hosting a slew of events. One, on November 29, will feature Andrew Carmellini, Gabrielle Hamilton, Madhur Jaffrey, François Payard, and Michael White offering “their interpretation of our pioneering cuisine.” (Will Carmellini make spaghetti chorizo taco masala?) It’s $300 per pop, but that price is dwarfed by the other dream team cooking across town at The Four Seasons a few weeks later.

The JBF will be hosting a gala and auction (for a meal with Alice Waters and Michael Pollan) costing a cool $625 for five courses and a cocktail reception. The “historic celebration of French cuisine” will feature dishes by Alain Ducasse, François Payard, Joël Robuchon, Guy Savoy, and Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Merde!

Perhaps more to our liking (and budget) is the Diwali party Tabla’s throwing on November 8 — “goat four ways,” family-style, for $135 including wine. Phew. Still not cheap, but much better.

Which lineup would you pick, if money weren’t an issue?

Dream Team Cooking Events: Not Cheap!