Dolinsky Picks his Top 5 Burgers

No one eats the lettuce.
No one eats the lettuce. Photo: Joe Marinaro/Flickr

Steve Dolinsky has struck again. We realize that this is just one of dozen or so lists that he has kicked out in the past few months, but we can’t help but engage in a burger discussion. Usually a Chicago burger list just places Kuma’s Corner at top and then moves on. That famous spot does make the list at number five, but it’s his number one that we really find fascinating. Dolinsky’s favorite burger in the city is Top Notch Beefburger in Beverly. The old-fashioned spot was picked because they “grind the beef on-site, toast their buns, offer deluxe fixin’s and fresh-cut fries cooked in pure beef fat.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Coming in second is David Burke’s Primehouse, which should make Daniel Zemans from Serious Eats happy. DMK Burger Bar was picked because they serve their burger on the “best (potato) buns anywhere in town.” It’s also the newest entry in the list. Guess Epic Burger, Burger Bar, and M Burger will have to wait until next year. It’s a good list, but we’d love to know his opinion on the Billy Goat Tavern, which we admit to still loving.

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Dolinsky Picks his Top 5 Burgers