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Daniel Patterson Opening Three More Restaurants in Oakland?; Also Jake Gyllenhaal and More From Le Fooding

Photo: Red Visitor

Daniel Patterson, Mourad Lahlou, Charlie Hallowell and several other chefs all submitted to post-game interviews after Le Grand Fooding in New York a couple of weeks ago, and buried within Patterson’s late-night interview — which he only gives after a hearty swig from a bottle of champagne — is a bit of news: after Plum and the upcoming Bracina at Jack London Square, the Patterson Group has got “a couple more” restaurants planned, “all in Oakland,” which also happens to be where Patterson lives. Also, this videographer grabbed what we believe is the only paparazzi shot of a bearded Jake Gyllenhaal at the fest, which we give to you here.

Patterson further explains that his cuisine, particularly at Coi, is “a cuisine of intensity, and concentrations” with only a few ingredients on each plate.

In Mourad’s interview, the Aziza chef talks a little shit, saying of his Bay Area cohorts, “We just want to come to New York, make them look bad, and go back to our home.”

Hallowell, true to form, explains how he came originally from Chez Panisse, “the progenitor of California Cuisine… Although I fucking hate that [term] so much ‘cause it sucks.”

Watch them all below.

First, a general intro to Le Grand Fooding, showing a number of shots of the scene at P.S. 1 over the two-day event, including the quick shot of Mr. Gyllenhaal, and a soundtrack from Friday night’s musical guests, Grizzly Bear:

Daniel Patterson
(the talk about the Oakland scene and Patterson’s plans come at 3:33):

Mourad Lahlou:

Charlie Hallowell:

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Daniel Patterson Opening Three More Restaurants in Oakland?; Also Jake