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Completely Nuts: Watch a Squirrel Become Dinner

Today, City Room recommends going mushroom hunting in city parks, but what about that other park creature you’d never think to eat? Across the pond, the Brits are turning squirrels into potato chips, beer bottles, you name it. A couple of months ago, the Telegraph noted the presence of squirrel in everything from Asian-style pancakes to tortellini. Now the paper has outdone its previous braised-squirrel recipe with a video of one of the furry lil’ guys being gutted, skinned, butchered, and cooked.

Watch it and ask yourself whether dismembering the world’s fuzzy-wuzziest animal is indeed “positively ethical”; and keep in mind that according to cooking instructions accompanying a Times article from a couple of years ago, braising a squirrel makes your house smell “fabulous.”

Should you need a palate cleanser after watching the video, enjoy these photos of baby squirrels sleeping with their mama, or better yet, this video of a baby squirrel suckling with some kittens!

Cooking with ingredients from Heligan: Squirrel with red wine and juniper [Telegraph UK]

Completely Nuts: Watch a Squirrel Become Dinner