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Gaga Surprises the Oak Room; Katie Couric Is Surprised (by a Cockroach) at Shun Lee

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There may well have been hair in Lady Gaga’s food at the Oak Room this week, because she wore a coat made of it to dinner. After her meal, she sang at the bar for her fellow diners, because that’s the sort of thing she does. And while it wasn’t in her food exactly, poor Katie Couric dealt with seeing a cockroach on the banquette near her table at Shun Lee for lunch. She tweeted her horror; restaurant staff soon squashed the issue quite literally.

Bottega Del Vino: Ex-Mets star Keith Hernandez enjoyed some serious kissy-kissy action on a date at the Midtown wine bar and restaurant. [Page Six/NYP]
Da Marino: Chris Noth and Ronnie Wood sang classics while Wood worked the piano. [Page Six/NYP]
Da Silvano: It really wouldn’t be a week of Celebrity Settings without a Rihanna appearance at Da Silvano. But this time it was for lunch! [JustJared]
Also at the restaurant, recently reconciled couple Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brant enjoyed the pleasure of each other’s company all over again at dinner. [Page Six/NYP]
La Lanterna di Vittorio: Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough split a pizza while dining alfresco. [People]
Oak Bar: Wearing a coat of (wig?) hair, Lady Gaga serenaded diners at the Plaza Hotel restaurant with an impromptu performance after her meal. [Gawker Stalker]
Prime Grill: Madonna brought boyf Jesus Luz along to celebrate Succoth at the UWS kosher eatery. [NYDN]
Shun Lee: Katie Couric tweeted after she spotted a cockroach while at lunch, though it was quickly dealt with by the restaurant’s staff. [Page Six/NYP]
Southern Hospitality: Chace Crawford and Eduardo Nunez played a game of after-dinner beer pong—except for Nunez, it was without the beer. [NYDN]

Gaga Surprises the Oak Room; Katie Couric Is Surprised (by a Cockroach) at Shun