The Other Critics

Catahoula’s Gumbo Is ‘Masochistically Savory;’ Mixed-Vegetable Curry Is ‘Forgettable’ at Mumbai Bistro

• “Spicy andouille and braised chicken add to the intense, almost masochistically savory experience” of Catahoula’s gumbo, but “like and old piano” the restaurant “still needs some tuning.” [Citypaper]

• Vegetable malai kofta at Mumbai Bistro “is hearty enough to satisfy even avowed carnivores,” while the mixed-vegetable curry is “forgettable.” [PW]

• At Apollinare ingredients are “immaculately fresh and full of flavor,” and the pizzas are “thin and crisp.” [South Philly Review]

• Tres Elena Wu’s “sashimi of pristine hamachi” is “so, so delicious,” but the the sweet shrimp amaebi is “served without their suckable, deep-fried heads.” [Courier-Post]

Catahoula’s Gumbo Is ‘Masochistically Savory;’ Mixed-Vegetable