‘Budgetary Alement’ Beer Sent to Schwarzenegger; Beckham and Ramsay to Open a Pub?

• In celebration of the recent passing of the California state budget, Half Moon Bay Brewing Company sent Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger a five-pack of their new ‘Budgetary Alement’ brew. [Grub Street]

• In an effort to be hip, or something, Luna Park is serving PBR wrapped in a brown bag. [Uptown Almanac]

• A new iPhone app provides a searchable database of California’s 700+ farmers’ markets. [Chron]

• Hey look! The Daily Meal — helmed by former Saveur editor in chief Colman Andrews — launched. They might want to rethink those auto-play videos. [Daily Meal]

• Gordon Ramsay and David Beckham might open a pub together. [Mirror]

• Heave-ho: Six WWII vets were tossed out of a Wolfgang Puck restaurant in Dallas for being dressed too casually. [USA Today]

• A lawyer representing the president of the Toronto chapter of Hell’s Angels— who is awaiting trial—says the adequacy of Toronto’s inmate meals isn’t up to snuff. [The Star]

‘Budgetary Alement’ Beer Sent to Schwarzenegger; Beckham and Ramsay