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Andy Dick Whips It Out At Cafe Audrey; Audrina Partridge’s Mom Acts Almost As Loaded at Beso

Reality bites Audrina in the backside
Reality bites Audrina in the backside Photo: Dodge Challenger 1 via Flickr

We tried to warn everyone again about the dangers of eating and drinking around Andy Dick, following his unsolicited groping of a Grub Street photographer last September. While Charlie Sheen was wildin’ out on the East Coast, Andy Dick reportedly went completely nuts at Cafe Audrey in Hollywood this week. Radar reports that a witness watched him kiss a random dude on the lips, before whipping out his swizzle stick, and screaming at tourists on the street. In other words, just another Monday for Andy. While we look for a titanium lid to lock onto our coffee cups, check out where else celebrities have been eating and drinking, typically while clothed, in Los Angeles this week.

Backstage Bar & Grill: Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent could be found in the club for a friend’s birthday party. [People]

Beso: Audrina Partridge’s mom went on a “drunken rant” to photographers about how her daughter will “rise” and calling Lauren Conrad a “bitch.” [Wooeb]

Bourgeois Pig: 17-year-old Miley Cyrus showed up with a massive arm tattoo, that was either fake or the start of a Lohan-ian decline to come. [Ace Showbiz]

Cafe Audrey: Andy Dick reportedly took out his namesake appendage and chased people around while screaming like a loon. [Radar Online]

El Compadre: Jesse James and Kat Von D had an “intimate lunch,” kissing at the house of flaming margaritas on Saturday. [People]

The Grove/Farmers Market: Whitney Port went food shopping after her show The City was canceled. [Style Bistro]

Red O: Real Housewives New York star Bethenny Frankel ate with Real Housewives Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards, chatting while a bunch of dudes vied for the attentions. [People]

RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen: Last Saturday, Dr. Drew Pinsky and a reporter ate cod and noodles while sipping green tea, which just might be addictive, Dr. Drew! [O.K. Magazine]

Shanghai Grill: Kelly Osbourne celebrated her 26th birthday with her mom and Dad, who hopefully bit the head off of an eggroll. [Zimbio]

Starbucks: Britney Spears again grabbed a coffee in her adopted hometown of Calabasas, rather than just make a cup that doesn’t taste like crud at home. [People]

Andy Dick Whips It Out At Cafe Audrey; Audrina Partridge’s Mom Acts Almost As