The Other Critics

Alma Nove Shines In Hingham; Sam’s Is Location, Location, Location

• Devra First finds the new Wahlberg brothers venture, Alma Nove, ‘hangin tough’ in Hingham noting that “Solid to inspired food and stylish surroundings are bringing in the crowds. Fire pits and Wahlbergs don’t hurt either.” [Globe]

• Mat Schaffer reports back with a B for Sam’s noting that the views are “jaw-dropping,” but “The emphasis here is on competency rather than panache - which is certainly appealing when you’re a hungry diner. And nothing costs more than $25 - which wouldn’t get you far shopping at the costly couture collection downstairs.” [Herald]

• Robert Nadeau dines at Market and determines that “The restaurant has some wonderful moments, but my lingering impression is that for what one pays, it is too loud and the food is too salty. Not so salty as at the disastrous opening of the unlamented Todd English’s Bonfire in Park Square, but too salty in the way inexperienced sub-chefs oversalt after a day of nervous tasting, while the boss is in Shanghai or Vancouver.” [

• MC Slim JB hits up Sub City finding ” sweet=”None” service,=”None” beautiful=”None” sandwiches,=”None” and=”None” great=”None” value=”None” make=”None” sub=”None” city=”None” another=”None” worthy=”None” entry=”None” in=”None” boston’s=”None” lineup=”None” of=”None” banh=”None” mi=”None” purveyors=”None” mdash;=”None” arguably=”None” some=”None” of=”None” the=”None” best=”None” friends=”None” a=”None” frugal=”None” food=”None” nerd=”None” could=”None” have.”=”None” [Phoenix]

• Afghan cooking at Ariana finds favor with Cheap Eats: “If food could bring peace to a region, I would nominate Ariana to do the cooking.” [ Globe]

Alma Nove Shines In Hingham; Sam’s Is Location, Location, Location