Mashed Potatoes Now Count as a Burger Topping

The Dublin Burger
The Dublin Burger Photo: Met Bar & Grill

Yes, everywhere we turn there seems to be some temptingly topped, defiantly decadent burger competing for our attention. But we still had to take notice when news of a mashed potato, onion ring, and Guinness-soaked burger hit our inbox this morning.

The Met Bar & Grill recently held a burger contest, challenging creative types to submit recipes showcasing global ingredients. The Dubliner, concocted by blogger Karen Covey, took top honors and won a spot on the Met menu. Thus was a potato-topped Guinness burger born.

But how much is too much? Today the Globe ponders the transformation of burgers from humble sandwich to show-off vehicle, citing costly burgers sold at upscale eateries like Craigie on Main, Radius, and Back Bay Social Club, to name just a few. Are they really worth it? (The answer appears to be yes.) And why are they so damn expensive? (Because they’re worth it, of course!) The meat wars rage on.

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Mashed Potatoes Now Count as a Burger Topping