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A 25-Course Meal at Manresa, Illustrated
The second course (after eight amuse courses): abalone jelly with cucumber “noodles.”

Most of us can’t afford to bop around the world eating at four-star (or Michelin two- and three-star) restaurants, but thanks to the ever-growing cabal of food bloggers like Ulterior Epicure, there is a bevy of food porn out there over which to pore, and drool. And like all porn, not all of it’s created equal, and Mr. Ulterior Epicure — an anonymous 32-year-old based in Kansas City who has an excruciatingly enviable list of restaurant experiences under his belt after six years of blogging and globetrotting — takes some truly professional food shots. He recently took a trip to the Bay, specifically to dine at Manresa, and because he was there with a couple of regulars he was treated to a seven-hour-long, 25-course meal from chef David Kinch that looks like a pretty extraordinary (if a touch decadent) marathon of eating.

Also, you’ll get to see some intriguing desserts created by recently exited pastry chef Deanie Hickox, like peaches with corn ice cream and pain perdu, and “the Flavors of Marjolaine.”

Like us, U.E. predicts that Manresa is next in line for winning three Michelin stars, becoming the second restaurant in the Bay Area to do so along with the French Laundry. Could it happen this year? Pore over the photos, and ponder this.

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A 25-Course Meal at Manresa, Illustrated