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A-Frame Planned To Debut November 4th in Culver City

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

David Reiss tells Grub Street that he plans to debut his new Culver City restaurant A-Frame on November 4th. Not only is he preserving the architecture here, but the huge house looks stunning with pink up-lighting shining through its massive triangle of glass, along with the additions of giant bright-white bulbed chandeliers on a patio and a cheery yellow door. Eater reports that Roy Choi, who brought his Kogi tacos and street eats to Reiss’ Alibi Room, is designing Korean-flavored picnic-style menus here, which should make the hype explode before opening time. Although it’s tempting to say Choi should stick close to the kitchen at Chego, where his absences clairfy the line between artistic, self-aware L.A.-Asian culinary mash-ups and foodstuffs slopped into a bowl by staff, this next collaboration between Choi and Reiss, in a neighborhood now popping with nearby Waterloo & City, is undoubtedly one to salivate over.

A-Frame, planned to open November 4th at 12565 Washington Blvd. Culver City. 310-398-7700.

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A-Frame Planned To Debut November 4th in Culver City