Chefs Name ‘Gardens’ a Top Trend; Brooklyn Falls for Pub Trivia

• A survey of 3,000 chefs by the National Restaurant Association reveals that they think the biggest food trend of 2010 is kitchen gardens. [NPR]

• Pub-trivia nights in Brooklyn are exploding in popularity. [NYDN]

• A weekends-only restaurant on the first floor of a brownstone in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens has proven surprisingly successful with locals. [City Room/NYT]

• Saul Bolton, owner of Saul and the Vanderbilt in Brooklyn, has signed a lease to open a new restaurant focused on the food of Puglia at 151 Atlantic Avenue. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

• Carrying weapons inside bars and restaurants that serve alcohol has been a hot topic ever since four states passed laws explicitly allowing it. [NYT]

• L.A.’s Food Policy Task Force is working toward getting every farmers’ market in the city to accept food stamps. [LAT]

• The fifteenth annual Epcot Center Food & Wine Festival is going on in Orlando, Florida, with crowds thronging the park. [IBT]

• A steak-scented billboard has been erected in North Carolina, promoting a local grocery store’s line of meat. [Sydney Morning Herald]

Chefs Name ‘Gardens’ a Top Trend; Brooklyn Falls for Pub Trivia