Make Your Own Gaga-Style Meat Dress for Just $100

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Die-hard, DIY-savvy Lady Gaga fans are probably already lining up at their local butcher counter to pick up the raw (ahem) materials necessary to replicate the steak dress she wore to Sunday night’s VMAs. But heaven forbid you use hanger steak where you should have been draped in short ribs. Ottomanelli Brothers butcher Peter Cacioppo breaks down the look for the New York Daily News, spying flank steak on Gaga’s head, plus “her bodice looks like the outside of the rib. Over the shoulder looks like it does come from the shoulder.”

L.A. Weekly begs to differ in their butcher’s diagram, ID’ing the hat as a T-bone, the dress a mash-up of strip steak, tenderloin, kalbi, and flank steak, and boots wrapped in rump roast. Designer Franc Fernandez says it took him two days to stitch the protein-rich garment — it probably could have been a lot faster if he’d gone with meat glue — but either way, it’s a pretty good deal as far as awards-show dresses go. “You got about $100 of meat there,” says Cacioppo’s nephew, Mark. “It’s the cheaper end cuts — not including her.”

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Make Your Own Gaga-Style Meat Dress for Just $100