Yelp Reviewer Pans Unopened Grahamwich, Graham Elliot Responds

Graham Elliot takes on Yelp, again.
Graham Elliot takes on Yelp, again. Photo: Tammy Green

It doesn’t get much better than this. Grahamwich still isn’t open, but that hasn’t stopped it from getting a particularly bad review on Yelp. The commenter gave it one out of five stars because the unopened restaurant was…well…not open: “The only problem is the joint isn’t open yet. It was a pleasant walk ruined…” We all know that Graham Elliot doesn’t exactly have the highest opinion of Yelp, and this certainly won’t help matters. Luckily, he was kind enough to respond.

Via Twitter, he wrote: “Amazing! There is already a negative review of Grahamwich posted on Yelp even though we’ve yet to open. Further proves my point…” He illuminated this point over on Eater: “The fact that someone has the ability to openly critique a business that has yet to open, leads me to question the legitimacy of the reviews involving businesses that are in actual operation.”

Luckily Yelp isn’t inhabited solely by raving pessimists. This morning a kind soul gave the second Grahamwich review, granting it a perfect five stars.

While it’s vaguely obnoxious, in the interest of balancing things out and illustrating the irony here, I thought I’d give Mr. Bowles 5 stars due to the current lack of common sense in rating or allowing consumers to rate a place before you’ve actually had a meal or experienced any service there. I am basing this review on the fact that I love pork belly… which is almost as silly as basing a review on a “pleasant walk ruined.”

No word yet if the reviewer will start another Chicagoans Against Graham Elliot Facebook club. We’ll have to wait a little longer to see what kinds of crazy Yelp reviews come in after the restaurant actually opens.

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Yelp Reviewer Pans Unopened Grahamwich, Graham Elliot Responds