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What to Eat at the Meatyballs Popup Restaurant in Evanston

Poping up in Evanston this weekend.
Poping up in Evanston this weekend.

With the Meatyballs Mobile still in the shop, Phillip Foss and family have been devising all manner of ways to get the meatyballs to the people. And this weekend the slightly profane restaurant will actually be setting up shop at a real restaurant. It’ll be taking over Sarki’s in Evanston. It is a cherished breakfast institution, which serves out huge portions of breakfast and lunch classics to long local lines. It’s usually closed for dinner, so for this Friday and Saturday Meatyballs will keep the joint open and serve a special menu. Considering the limitations of not being able to actually cook in the truck, this might actually be the most pure and delicious way to get your fill of Foss’s Meatyballs. Check out the full menu below.

As befitting the randy concept are a whole new host of borderline offensive dishes. Our favorite happens to the Thai’d Balls, which feature turkey, coconut milk, sweet chili, and lemongrass. Though the Crabby Balls aren’t far behind.

Menu for Meatyballs Pop Up at Sarki’s in Evanston [The Pickled Tongue]

A Foss Family Pop Up “Meatyballs”

All items served in a fresh baguette roll with homemade potato chips

Meatyballs $8
Tomato Sauce and Mozzarella
Mushroom and Les Freres Farmstead Cheese Sauce

Thai’d Balls $6
Turkey, Coconut Milk, Sweet Chili, Lemongrass

Barbecued Balls $7
Pulled Pork, Cola-Bourbon BBQ, Red Cabbage, Apples

Crabby Balls $8
Curry, Saffron, Mango, Cucumber

Vegeta-Balls $6
Ricotta Dumplings, Eggplant Bolognese

Not Yo’ Mama’s Balls $8
Bulls Testicles, Stewed Onions, Peppers, Tomatoes

Chocolate Salty Balls $3
‘Chef’ Specialty

Soft Drinks $1
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite

Philip Foss
What to Eat at the Meatyballs Popup Restaurant in Evanston