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What to Eat at Plow, Now Open for Breakfast in the Potrero

Photo: Eater

Last week we noted the upcoming opening of Plow (1299 18th Street), from Ruby Wine owners Joel Bleskacek and Maxine Siu. Now Eater shares some interior shots and implies that the place is softly open, though no definitive dates or times are given. The breakfast menu looks swell (there’s a lunch menu coming too), and they have one inaugural Yelp review. Check out the foodstuffs below.

Menu subject to change.


bakery basket  corn millet muffin, orange currant scone, buttermilk biscuit, butter and house made jam 7.5

Anson Mills steel cut oatmeal  walnuts, banana and brown sugar  6

granola parfait house made  yogurt and granola with seasonal fruit  8

market fruit bowl  6.5 with yogurt and Potrero Hill honey  8

ricotta pancakes  with maple syrup  8.75

buttermilk hotcakes with maple syrup  7.75

french toast caramelized bananas, crème fraiche, maple syrup  9.75

fried egg sandwich  two eggs, Hook’s cheddar, frisee, aioli on English muffin and crispy potatoes  7 add bacon  9.75

two eggs Nueske bacon, chicken sausage or house made pork sausage and crispy potatoes  9

the plow two eggs, Nueske bacon, chicken sausage or house made pork sausage, 2 buttermilk pancakes, and crispy potatoes  12.75

Max’s buttermilk biscuits homemade buttermilk biscuits topped with pork sausage gravy and two eggs  8.75

frittata  caramelized onions, spinach, currants, pine nuts, and crispy potatoes  8.50

Chinese breakfast two fried eggs over steamed rice, and Chinese sausage  7

Cook’s Valley breakfast  hard potato dumplings and scrambled eggs fried in bacon fat  7

plow potatoes  2.5
Nueske bacon  4
house made sausage patty  3.75
toast with butter + jam  3.5
biscuits with butter + Potrero Hill honey
scone or muffin  2.5
pure maple syrup  3
Equator coffee  2.75
Mighty Leaf Tea  2.75
organic orange juice  3/4.5
organic apple juice  3/4.5
Straus whole milk  2

- 1299 18th Street - Open for breakfast and lunch only. Hours TBA.

What to Eat at Plow, Now Open for Breakfast in the Potrero