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What to Eat at Lush West Town Wine Bar

Now with fermented milk products!
Now with fermented milk products! Photo: courtesy of Lush

Lush’s West Loop location just made the jump from wine shop to wine bar, and is now serving a menu riddled with salty, fatty little snacks. Not that there is anything wrong with that. There is duck fat popcorn, fried chickpeas, and even pork rillettes. But probably the best part about this whole menu is they are labeling their cheese section “fermented milk products,” and the charcuterie is “cured pig parts.” It’s kind of perfect. What’s absolutely strange is that they don’t yet have a liquor license, so it’s BYOB. Basically we are talking about a wine bar where you can’t order a glass of wine. Luckily it’s also a wine shop, so you can purchase a whole bottle for retail and then open it up without a corkage free (because, if you may remember, corkage fees are apparently illegal). This cheap alternative will end once the license comes, so we suggest going now. [Tasting Table]

Lush Bar West Town Menu [PDF]

Lush West Town Wine Bar, 1412 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL 60642; 312-666-6900

What to Eat at Lush West Town Wine Bar