What to Eat at Journeyman, Opening Wednesday

Journeyman is opening in Somerville’s Union Square tomorrow and we’ve got a look at what they’ll be serving opening night. Though Journeyman doesn’t present many menu options, co-owner and chef Diana Kudayarova tells Grub Street they aim to offer diners a “cohesive experience with a beginning, middle, and end.” The menu will be changing daily and will only feature local ingredients. But you might want to reserve your table well in advance; Journeyman is totally booked for opening week. Diane is especially excited about the pork they’re serving opening night at Journeyman and tells Grub Street, “Our pork is from heritage-breed pigs (Tamworths), raised specifically for us on North Face Farm in Dunstable. They spent their lives running around, digging, and foraging on a wooded pasture.” The cost of a dinner at Journeyman depends on how many courses you opt for with a price structure starting at $39 for three courses, $65 for five courses, and $85 for seven courses.

Opening Night Menu

Late summer salad

Pig’s head torchon

Eggplant, foraged mushrooms, wheat

Tamworth loin, polenta, tomatillo

Plums, kaffir lime, coffee, chocolate

For vegetarians, to replace the pork courses on the above menu:

Tomatoes, corn, eggplant, miso

Eggs and tomatoes

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What to Eat at Journeyman, Opening Wednesday