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What to Eat at Happy Bodega, And How to Eat for Free Tomorrow

Yes...that's the Happy Bodega
Yes…that’s the Happy Bodega Photo: courtesy Facebook

We’ve written about Happy Bodega a few times and even knew that they were going to serve sandwiches of some sort, but we’ve never actually seen that menu until now. Thanks to a spiffy new website, we have all the information we need. While sorting through the various sandwiches, we also noticed that the whole truck was covered in an advertisement for Entourage. What is going on?

Gapers Block reports that Happy Bodega will be giving sandwiches away for free tomorrow to celebrate Entourage’s move to basic cable (really?). They’ll also be serving sandwiches like “Hug It Out Ham Baguette” and “The Veg-’E’ Baguette,” which are only funny if you’ve watched the show (we watch it a little too much). Anyway, whether you care about the Vinny and the gang doesn’t matter when free food is involved. Watch the Twitter feed to see where the truck will be.

Check out the full menu below.

Ham & Gruyere
Roast Beef, Parmesan & Arugula
Brie Cheese, Tomato & Basil
Turkey, Aged Cheddar & Mixed Greens
(Served with HB Signature French Vinaigrette)

Eat Green Food Granola Bars
Seasonal Fruits
Kettle Chips

Crop to Cup, Regular & Decaf Coffee (Iced & Hot)
Ineeka Teas (Iced & Hot)
Water (Regular & Sparkling)

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What to Eat at Happy Bodega, And How to Eat for Free Tomorrow