What to Eat at Cassava

That's some gluten-free bread.
That’s some gluten-free bread. Photo: courtesy Cassava

As you may have heard, this gluten-free diet thing is big business. So it’s not especially surprising that a new gluten-free bakery opened this past Wednesday in Lakeview. What’s strange is just how they are managing to do it. Cassava is named after the cassava plant (also called yuca), which is billed as a “dietary staple in much of the tropical world.” That doesn’t sound like the most delicious way to sell a business, but what can you do. Check out the full menu after the break.

The specialty bread comes in four different flavors, including original and “Sun Dried Tomatoes & Basil.” You can also get muffins, hot chocolate, tea, and fruit smoothies. According to a talk we had with the owners, it has been a very busy first couple of days.

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What to Eat at Cassava