Vendy Dessert Finalists Announced

Photo: Courtesy of the Vendy Awards

On Free Dessert Day, the Vendys have announced the handful of sweets vendors that will go head-to-head for Best Dessert. As with the savory finalists, the winner will be determined during an all-you-can-eat tasting at Governors Island on September 25. Click ahead for the Street Vendor Project’s cheat sheet.

• A professional bassoonist, Doug Quint had no culinary background when he opened his BIG GAY ICE CREAM TRUCK with his partner Bryan Petroff. As the first ever double-nominee last year - in the Rookie of the Year and Dessert categories - he’s hoping the truck’s new pop theme song, recorded by Jane Wiedlin, guitarist for the Go-Go’s and writer of “Our Lips Are Sealed,” will bring the momentum for a win.

•Jerome Chang’s DESSERTTRUCK helped blaze the trail of gourmet treats hitting the New York City streets. A nominee two years ago, this seasoned veteran plans to win over taste buds with his signature chocolate bread pudding, served with vanilla or bacon custard sauce.

•Only on the streets for 3 months, Ethan Frisch and Ori Zohar are vending babies who have already made a splash with their boldly flavored ice cream and unusual toppings pairings, each inspired by a political movement from around the globe. The profits from GUERRILLA ICE CREAM’s delights all go to charity.

•Alex Rein, a former attorney, has brought an all natural update to the 7-11 classic slushy. His KELVIN NATURAL SLUSH CO - nerdily named for the temperature of absolute zero - lets sidewalk slurpers customize their frozen treat with fruit puree and fresh herb mix-ins.

•Chinatown’s LONG TZI TANG (“Dragon Beard Candy”) serves up on-the-spot hand-pulled sugar that’s feather soft and stuffed with peanuts and coconut, a traditional classic from the streets of China and Taiwan.
Vendy Dessert Finalists Announced