Thomas Keller Gets Ready for the Hamburger Hop

Knows his burgers....
Knows his burgers…. Photo: Deborah Jones

While tickets to this weekend’s 2010 Chicago Gourmet are all sold out, there are still tickets available to the opening event on Friday. It’s called the Hamburger Hop, and it pits fifteen area chefs against each other for the best burger in the city. Though the $75 ticket will undoubtedly be the most you’ve ever spent for the chance to sample hamburgers before, you’re unlikely to have ever eaten one with Thomas Keller in the same room. He is one of six that will crown the winner. Stephanie Izard, Radhika Desai, and Eddie Lakin are just a few of the chefs that will be attempting to impress the influential chef. See who else made the list of contestants after the jump.

Remember, you can purchase tickets here for the Friday event.

John Coletta, Quartino
Meg Colleran-Sahs, Terzo Piano
Federico Comacchio, Phil Stefani’s 437 Rush
Radhika Desai, English
Dirk Flanigan, The Gage
Kevin Hickey, Seasons, Four Seasons Hotel Chicago
John Hogan, Keefer’s
Stephanie Izard, The Girl & The Goat
Eddie Lakin, Edzo’s Burger Shop
Ryan LaRoche, NoMI
Stephan Lawhorn, Palmer Place
Chad Starling, aria
Carol Wallack, Sola
Brian Wright, Rosebud Restaurants
Stu Zirin, D.S. Tequila Company
Thomas Keller Gets Ready for the Hamburger Hop