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The Top Chef: All Stars Crew Filmed at Fairway This Morning

Where's Kevin?
Where’s Kevin? Photo: Getty Images

Now that the cat’s out of the bag that the next season of Top Chef will be an all-star round, sightings are starting to flood in to Grub Street HQ. Yesterday, we rounded up your tips of episodes shot at Marea and the Bowery Whole Foods, but there’s much more where that came from. In fact, this very morning one of you saw the whole team shooting at the Red Hook Fairway:

I just came back from Fairway in Red Hook, Brooklyn and I just saw many contestants shooting a episode there (11 a.m.) I can confirm that these people were there:

Marcel Vigneron

Richard Blais

Fabio Viviani

Angelo Sosa

Tiffany Derry

Michael Isabella

Dale Talde

Carla Hall

and Tre Wilcox (season 3?)

There was also 2 other girl that I recognize but don’t remember their name, I will have to do research on that and will let you know who … I did not see Spike!

And then there’s the matter of Kevin Gillespie. The dude is definitely in town — “My wife and I were having a casual lunch outside at Sea in the Meatpacking District on Monday when Kevin (MIT, tattooed arms) from last season walked by us,” writes one tipster. “Definitely saw Kevin Gillespie on Monday in the lobby of 150 E. 42nd Street,” adds another — but so far, he hasn’t shown up in conjunction with any shoots, nor has he been seen surrounded by TV cameras. But odds are good that he’s not part of the show. As Eater National notes, he’s been shilling for dog food lately — he’s the official chef (?) of bacon-style product Beggin’ Strips — so he might just be in town for duties related to his position as Lord of the Dog Treat.

Any more Top Chef sightings? Leave ‘em in the comments or drop us a line.

The Top Chef: All Stars Crew Filmed at Fairway This Morning