The Shrimp Pimp Is Comin’ Straight At ‘Ya

Rivaling pho for “most food puns served,” food trucks continue to elicit groans and giggles with their wordplay. On that note, meet the Shrimp Pimp, who is quick to declare that “shrimpin’ ain’t easy.” The owners could stick with the Big Daddy Kane references, as they also “get raw,” serving sashimi tacos and ceviche lettuce wraps, along with po’ boys, shrimp and chips, and drunken shrimp tacos, all obtained from sustainable sources. And what restaurant vet is behind this operation?

On the Shrimp Pimp website, owner Neil MacLeod lists experience working with New York seafood sellers Wild Edibles, as well as Jean-Georges and Batali, before starting his own West Village restaurant, Indigo. In addition to the above menu offerings, MacLeod will put away his stingray boots and honor his Scottish upbringing by wearing a kilt and serving Guinness-battered fish and chips that he’s named “The Frylander,” one of the better puns-on-wheels we’ve seen so far.

Shrimp Pimp also has a cheesy, faux-luxury logo reminiscent of the one at new Vault XXI, only the Shrimp Pimp is definitely being ironic, whereas Vault could have a gig designing album covers for for No Limit Records, circa 1997.

This pimp apparently showed up on Rachel Ray’s show this morning, and has been cruising around town trying to “knock” customers from all those other mobile eateries. See the full menu online and follow The Shrimp Pimp on Twitter and Facebook to catch up with its movements.

The Shrimp Pimp Is Comin’ Straight At ‘Ya