That Schoolbus Parked Outside the Bar? That’s Le Truc.
Co-owner Blake Tally, left, and co-chef Hugh Schick

The latest bustaurant-in-a-schoolbus called Le Truc is gearing up to make its Market Street debut in a matter of weeks, parked outside of Lucky 13 and Blackbird. (Update: Le Truc is now saying their regular location is still TBA.) The operation comes complete with a swipe-and-pay point-of-sale system on the side of the bus where bar patrons will be able to place orders, pay, and head back into the bar for another drink while they wait. When the food’s ready, they’ll receive a text message, and out the food will come via a handy window, like a modern-day automat with foodie cred. Also, despite an earlier photo of a seemingly finished bus in gunmetal gray, the bus is still getting some finishing touches and remains its original shade of bright yellow.

Co-owner Blake Tally told Grub Street at last weekend’s Eat Real Fest, “People keep coming up and saying, ‘No dude, the yellow schoolbus thing is awesome,’ so we’re kind of rethinking the whole plan to paint it black.”

The culinary team of chef/creative director Hugh Schick and chef Camille Jackson are planning plenty of beer-friendly food, like the specific beer-pairing menu they did for Eat Real, which included a Thai bao roll with braised pork and red jalapenos, and a Belgian beer cheesecake.

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That Schoolbus Parked Outside the Bar? That’s Le Truc.