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Wiviott Reviews Rub BBQ; Sula Takes on Lillie’s Q

The first review is in.
The first review is in. Photo: courtesy Rub BBQ

Gary Wiviott reports on Rub BBQ, and finds the ribs have “just enough chew to let you know that Leonard isn’t a student of Chicago’s fall-off-the-bone school, and while they’re light on smoke, they’re long on pork flavor.” Unfortunately the brisket “seems more braised than smoked, and the pulled pork, though tender, is bland.” Still, “prices are reasonable, and service is warm, friendly, and efficient.” [Chicago Reader, third item]

Though Lillie’s Q “certainly looks good on paper,” Mike Sula finds that the “meats lack a proper smoke infusion.” Both the pulled chicken and pulled pork are “overexhausted and in need of the lubricating effects,” but the sauces are “are hobbled by excessive sweetness.” He does like the tri-tip which is “lightly kissed with smoke and served in rosy pink slices.” And the baby back ribs could be in a “running for some sort of beauty contest.” [Chicago Reader, first item]

Mike Sula is even less impressed with The Pork Shoppe in Avondale. It may source its pork from Slagel Farms, but the “dry, stringy pulled pork, dessicated, overrubbed baby backs, and pork belly “pastrami” served cold with long white streaks of fat, all of which fail to realize the potential of these happily raised pigs.” [Chicago Reader, second item]

Wiviott Reviews Rub BBQ; Sula Takes on Lillie’s Q