Step Inside Una Pizza Napoletana, Opening September 15

It’s been a long time since we first told you about Anthony Mangieri’s trip west, after he closed his wildly popular Una Pizza Napoletana in Manhattan last summer and sold the space to competitor Motorino. After various delays, he’s finally ready to open on September 15, and today we bring you our slideshow of his gorgeous new pizza oven built in Naples, and the spare interior at 11th and Howard which seats a mere 32 — the same number, as it happens, as his New York pizzeria accommodated.

“You don’t want any more tables than that,” Mangieri told Grub Street earlier this summer. “Because I can only make three pizzas at a time. Any more seats and people would be waiting too long.”

The formula and menu remain unchanged from New York as well: four pizzas on the menu (tomato sauce only, tomato and mozzarella, cherry tomato with cheese, and a white pie), some Italian wines from the Campania region, and his signature Neapolitan coffee with a chunk of chocolate for dessert. Anthony’s toying with adding a fifth pizza, probably a rotating special, but he hasn’t committed to that yet.

Despite the lack of variety, we predict Mangieri’s longtime obsession with perfect pizza is going to win over a new audience. Like he says, “I’ve been making this pizza since I’m fifteen years old, and you know, when all you do is one thing over and over again you tend to get pretty good at it.” Once San Franciscans get a taste of the real Neapolitan thing, there may be no going back.

Una Pizza Napoletana
- 210 11th Street at Howard - 415.861.3444

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Step Inside Una Pizza Napoletana, Opening September 15