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Critic Showdown at Sono Wood Fired

It's either the best or the worst thing on the menu.
It’s either the best or the worst thing on the menu. Photo: courtesy Sono Wood Fired

Three different critics reviewed Sono Wood Fired this week. What’s odd is that the critics either said that the pizza was the worst thing on the menu or one of the best pizzas in town. Here are the reviews:

Heather Shouse wonders whether it is an issue that nearly everything at Sono Wood Fired is better than the pizza: “Alternating swigs of wine (from a respectably interesting list, no less) with bites of the cool cheeses, a beautifully bright eggplant caponata and feathery, perfectly fried artichoke leaves, we realized Sono might in fact have something to offer—it’s just not pizza.” [TOC]

Mike Sula mostly feels the same way about Sono Wood Fired, as the “incidentals are superior to the main product.” He loved the “shareable, chunky eggplant caponata, which comes with three thick chunks of oven-toasted bread.” But the best dish was “an ample plate of orecchiette and spinach,” which you “may or may not get off on the sensation of eating the pasta maker’s thumbprint (I did).” [Chicago Reader]

Pat Bruno, on the other hand, absolutely loves the pizza at Sono Wood Fired. “On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give Sono Wood Fired a solid 9. The crust has the right chew – softly pliable yet with enough texture so the feeling in your mouth is spot on.” Though the “crust edges could use a little more burn or charring,” he might just make Sono his “go-to spot for a pizza fix.” [Sun Times]

Critic Showdown at Sono Wood Fired