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Point/Counterpoint: Tasty Burger Is Great/No It’s Not

• Point: Tasty Burger is worth the visit: “Sometimes a burger means a dry bun, obtrusive salad, and overwhelming meat. This was not that; this was meat and cheese and lettuce and tomato and bread forming a single entity of soft, warm, salty, comforting juiciness.” [Writing About Eating]

• Counterpoint: no it is not: “As contemplated my lonely hot dog, unaccompanied by the fries or onion rings I was too cheap to buy, I was grossed out. For one thing, it came wrapped in foil. Who wraps a hot dog in foil? When I opened the foil, I found a lurid monster three times the size of a normal hot dog, slathered in a sticky, overpoweringly sweet red pepper relish that immediately got all over my fingers. A hot dog should be a self-contained unit that you can eat while walking down the street. This was not fast food, this was chaos.” [Phlog/Phoenix]

• If you’re visiting Boston Speed Dog, “make sure you stock up on your napkins cause if you dive in with none your probably going to be sticky for the rest of the day, but it will have been worth it.” [The Boston Gastronauts]

Lord Hobo’s food is “surprisingly impressive.” [Tiny Urban Kitchen]

Cuchi Cuchi boasts “one of the most impressive and exciting cocktail lists I have seen. Each drink sounds delicious and has a fun, campy name.” [Pop. Bop. Shop.]

Point/Counterpoint: Tasty Burger Is Great/No It’s Not